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@THINKgovuk Jul 19, 23:03

Have you joined the pact yet? Say no to Drink driving at #JoinThePact

@AlliedAshford Apr 27, 21:05

Well done Eshe . We got there . Hope you get the promised visit to Kenys

@AlliedAshford Apr 24, 16:50

Well done Kane Told you so

@AlliedAshford Apr 23, 11:42

Driving Instructor event

@AlliedAshford Jan 16, 23:16

Well done Ryan

@AlliedAshford Jan 06, 23:45

Check out the latest posts!

@AlliedAshford Jan 02, 16:12

I have just posted a new price to my profile on the SmartDriving Hub take a look

@matt_redman Jul 09, 17:47

This book contains some of the most inspiring stories of faith/hope/worship I've ever come across. #comingaugust1st

@AlliedAshford Jun 27, 20:34

Well done Micheal . Keep it clean .😏😏👍

@AlliedAshford Jun 24, 20:14

Check out the latest posts!

@AlliedAshford Jun 15, 23:17

Have a look at our new website . What do you think.#allieddrivingschool

@AlliedAshford Apr 20, 08:48

@Lubybh it's her email Inge Paret

@AlliedAshford Apr 20, 08:35

@Lubybh thank you for your correspondence . I've passed it on for a consideration and reply and you now have her email .

@AlliedAshford Apr 20, 00:13

@Lubybh this is her email .

@AlliedAshford Apr 19, 15:24


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@AlliedAshford Apr 19, 12:34

@Lubybh I'll get her to contact you via Twitter then you can take it from there .I would still like your version of events please .

Allied Driving School

Welcome to Allied Driving School with over 20 years’ teaching experience. Our trainers are fully qualified Green badge ADIs .. Welcome to Allied Driving School of Motoring. With over 18 years’ experience, our instructors are fully trained and ADI qualified in the tuition of both theoretical and practical driving lessons. Based in Ashford, Middlesex, we work within a 15 mile radius of Staines. Our qualified instructors will pick you up, wherever your destination, before dropping you off again once your lesson is complete. All our instructors are patient, professional and operate on a one-to-one basis. Taking Your Driving Lessons Providing flexible lessons at competitive prices, we also have a range of offers and discounts for our customers to utilise. This includes discounts on block bookings and recommendations so be sure to check out our latest offer via our offers page or contact page. Our extensive and comprehensive lessons are designed with you in mind. We don’t insist on 2 hour driving lessons, nor do we demand a minimum number of lessons up-front. Under the supervision of your dedicated driving instructor, you can learn at your own pace and at a rate you feel comfortable with. Our driving lessons are conducted in a professional, structured and friendly manner, ensuring that you gain the required theoretical and practical knowledge and experience to help you to pass with flying colours.

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